​​At Bessbox/Rottsbook we believe that not only are we breeding for the show ring but far more importantly we are breeding for the future generations of the breeds, that we hold so dear to our hearts. We take our breeding programme very seriously, a fact that is reflected in the quality of our dogs and our consistent success in the show ring. Each litter is planned in great depth (and years in advance) to include dogs that will complement each other and tie in the type that is called for by the Breed Standard. We always research pedigrees to ensure that they are clear of any know hereditary defects that would be detrimental to the health of the breed before we consider breeding.

We have invested years of knowledge and a small fortune in our breeding programme, with the import of lines from both America and the Continent to acquire some of the best bloodlines that money can buy. Believe us when we say "showing dogs is one of the most expensive hobbies you can find !!!!!"

In 2006 we imported Amelia "Araby On The Run to Bessbox" from the famous "Araby Boxer Kennel" of Patricia Dollar in America. Amelia has produced some stunning puppies for us over the years and has stamped her outstanding construction in the Bessbox Kennels, which is firmly evident three generations on. Sadly Amelia was never shown in Ireland as her ears are cropped, a feature which is not permitted to be shown under Irish Kennel Club Rules & Regulations but she is a joy to live with and takes great delight in playing with her grand/great grand children.

In 2010 we acquired frozen semen from the world famous WW Twinkle Star V Eurozone owned by Alexandra Gav one of the top producers on the Continent. Maffy as he is known has produced some fabulous puppies throughout the world and is a dominant sire who consistently stamps his mark on his puppies, passing on his super temperament, substance and heads to die for.

Many years of planning have gone into the accumulation of the best bloodlines from around the world and with these two lines now firmly embedded in our kennels Bessbox can only get better.


Not only are very proud of what we have achieved over the years but also very excited about what the future holds.  

Two very promising puppies from our Maffy and Sally litter.